Aurora is an intelligent lighting system which displays useful information through light and color changes. The lighting system is designed to provide notifications through subtle variations, without disturbing the user with flashes or sounds.


Aurora will adapt to the user's habits and preferences. She learns what informations to display and when they are most suitable to be shown; she recognizes user presence and different users to deploy notifications to the correct person and standby when there isn't any user. Aurora regulates its luminosity depending on the lighting condition of the room, in order to give the right feeling in every situation.


On one hand, Aurora synchronizes with your favorite social networks, email provider and calendar to keep you up to date with all your interests and any important notices. On the other hand, Aurora senses the surrounding environment to inform you about what's happening around you: she can sense light, temperature, humidity and sound to help you keep the environment healthy or just tell you if someone's at the door while you're taking a shower.


Our vision for this project is to achieve a compact, environmental sensitive, multi-user and adaptive system serving people with colored ambient lights in private places. We’re developing this system because we want to provide informations to users in a new and captivating way, which adapts to them until it feels their own.


  • analyze and formalize one possible flow of activities
  • provide an accurate and instantaneous service
  • design an economically viable and environmentally sensitive multi-user and efficient intelligent service


Aurora Architecture
Aurora is a system composed by three main components: Raspberry Pi, Hue by Philips and social networks. The Raspberry Pi is connected to the internet through a LAN wire in order to collect data from the internet.
The Raspberry Pi has some embedded sensors which detect temperature and humidity, measure lighting conditions and detect user presence.
The Raspberry collects and elaborates these data, the results are sent as input to follow to the Hue Philips through ZigBee .
The lights change their colors and communicate the user useful information about his social network's notifications.


Requirements and Purpose